Thursday, August 18, 2016

We want to change things

I believe that no one can eradicate corruption ! I believe that no one can eradicate poverty and no one can stop the spreading of hate among people ALONE !
But I believe that if we start to fight together and unite our forces to make change we can, I believe that corruption should be fought by everyone with a consciousness, and when one hand alone can’t do everything, a group can improve our society, this is why #BeCrazyDoSomething is an idea to start with, the soul of this idea comes from the need to find a space where everyone who believes that we can improve the situation of our country, can find help and ideas to start changing things.

We are not just talking,we want to do things.But how to start ?And what  do we need to do?This campaign is here to find a way and create the link between talking and acting.

Here are the steps to jump from the state of wanting to do things to the one when you start effectively doing things:

  • Think about an idea and express the desire to start, this will be a moral preparation and will make you optimistic.  
  • Find the persons who will share your idea, having support in your cause is the best way to succeed.  
  • Start planning,drafting your idea and write it down. Having a clear idea needs time and effort and don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • The realization step is where your idea is becoming a real project, start by small steps.
  • You are making change congratulation !

Our community will follow these steps and everyone is invited.So, jump now Crazy People !

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