Monday, August 22, 2016

Embrace challenge

I know you’ve probably encountered such article elsewhere, you may think it’s the same words that repeat, the same content that goes around. However, in this article, I’m going to talk from my own experience and from the testimonies of some people that I’ve been around, thus I guarantee you this article will not be just like most the other articles about this topic, me at least I’ve never come across a likewise article.
Now to the point, what really makes me pick this topic and talk about it, is seeing some people in a true pain, some of them couldn’t endure it anymore so they resorted to drugs or to something else destructive as well, they’ve made the wrong decision about it, they’ve chosen escapism instead of taking the challenge. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to feel pain, on the contrary, it’s totally fine to feel sad over something, it’s just human. Some situations in our life are unavoidable, they’re tough and drain our energy and our patience, but what truly makes a difference is our way in dealing with them. You have probably been confronted to a challenge at a certain stage of your life and so have I. It could be a financial challenge, an illness, a family loss or something that would never cross our minds. Some of us were confronted to several challenges ever since the day they came to this world, and those challenges have probably grown with them and maybe have even came up with many others, and some of us, their life is just cool until a certain challenge appears at some point of their life.
Unfortunately, the majority break before their own challenges. Some of them break when first the challenge occurs, and others when it becomes extremely unbearable, when it has reached a high pitch of difficulty, it’s when most choose to quit, they’ve got enough, they’re exhausted, they lose interest in everything, nothing matters to them anymore, they’ve become hopeless and this is the most dangerous and destructive part of the challenge, giving in. You, the one reading this article, may be saying to yourself: “I’ve been through hell, nobody could even imagine, and you’re saying why I’ve lost hope? You can never understand…”. That could be true, but let me remind you of something, wanna bet that at least one of the people you encounter every day, in work, college, neighborhood, probably those with whom you hang out most, who seems to be having almost a perfect life, has a painful story, more than yours? If they share it with you, you’ll be shocked and grateful for what you’re dealing with at this time. You know what’s the difference between them and you? They deal better with the problem than you do. They have accepted the fact that some challenges are part of the process, they have learned how handle challenges, how to remain still when a storm blows with their life, their desire to fight is way bigger than despair, they have learned that facing a challenge is the right thing to do and allowing pain and despair to sneak to their life is the most dangerous decision they would ever make. Same thing goes for you, haven’t you noticed that after quitting and having that scary feeling that nothing matters to you anymore, you ended up losing other things you never thought to be this important? And now you certainly wish to have them back, don’t you? Here is thing, life has a rule, if you’re obstinate enough and willing to win, you’ll find a way to beat it, otherwise, life finds a way to take you down and tread on you, the choice is yours. Also,I’d like to remind you that all of us have been through that moment where giving up was all that seemed to be done to avoid more damage, we’ve all felt sad and depressed,  had that feeling that this is it, it’s the end, we’ve tried out but enough is enough. We have the right to sadden, but we should never allow sadness to last longer than it should, we have to make sure not to let despair be part of us for it’s the most devastating feeling.
To wrap up, we never know what surprises life hides for us, but whatever it is, we need to confront it because becoming weak and giving up only worsen things than they already are, and that of course what we don’t want. So, just put your trust in Allah,pray, have faith, be stubborn and willing to beat your challenges, that will give you a wonderful feeling eventually and know how to move on, regardless of what would have happened because there are still opportunities out there so don’t miss them out!